Monday, November 5, 2012

29. Got the Engine Back !!!

Hi All

I am pleased to report that my Mini's engine is back.
The following is a list of things done to it:
1. Engine has been re-bored to 1360cc
2. Engine has been offset bored for reliability. (cylinders are slightly offset from each other)
3. Double valve springs installed.
4. 1.5:1 Ratio Roller tip Rockers installed.
5. Larger valves Installed.
6. Ported Head.
7. Central oil Pickup installed.
8. Duplex Timming chain installed.
9. 3.11 Ratio Final Drive installed.
10. 4-Pin Diff Installed.
11. Block central strap installed.
12. New Pistons Installed.

Here are the pics:


28. Building up the Front Subframe...

Hi All

I have started assembling the front sub-frame, and I have to say it’s getting on well.

Since everything is new, most of the assembly work is very straight forward.

It didn’t take long to get the Front sub-frame back on some wheels!!!!


Monday, March 19, 2012

27. Refurb of New Parts...

Hi All
My first update for the year, I have been very busy at work so please excuse the lack of updates.
First off, when I went into my garage the other day I noticed that my new Discs and Flanges where rusting...

So I pulled my finger out and got working on the front drives. I decided to paint the Hubs, discs and flanges. For this I used a Range of Rust-o-Lean Paints. It’s a great product and it seems to be very hard wearing.

First off I used a High Heat Black capable of withstanding 1200 Degrees Celsius, on the discs.

The Drive flanges where painted with a Hammered-Effect rust prohibiting paint.

I painted the steering-arms with the Hammered stuff and the flanges with the High Heat Paint.

The end result of all this painting...

I will let you know how the painted parts hold up.